Law Enforcement Guidelines

GETTR’s Law Enforcement Guidelines

These Law Enforcement Guidelines (“Guidelines”) are to be used as a reference by law enforcement agencies and officials when formally requesting user data from GETTR USA, Inc. (“GETTR” or “us”). These Guidelines are subject to change at any time, without notice and at GETTR’s sole discretion.

  1. Basic Requirements for Law Enforcement Agencies or Officials Requesting User Data or Information on GETTR’s Platform

GETTR will only disclose account records in accordance with applicable law and in accordance with GETTR’s Terms of Use / Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and these Guidelines. All law enforcement requests shall be made to GETTR USA, Inc. and submitted electronically via email to  All law enforcement requests shall be submitted to GETTR from an email account at a law enforcement agency’s official government email domain. While copies of such requests may be provided via physical mail at the mailing address(es) listed in our Terms of Use / Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, only requests submitted electronically via email to shall be deemed valid and subject to GETTR’s review. The date of receipt of a law enforcement request shall be the date on which it was received electronically.

All law enforcement requests must include all relevant documentation and attachments, including but not limited to, official search warrant, subpoena, court order, or any other similar supporting documentation in PDF format. Any receipt confirmation sent by GETTR shall be construed solely as a notification for convenience as a courtesy; GETTR does not waive any right of objection to such request as consequence of its receipt confirmation response. GETTR will not respond to any requests made through informal channels or by non-law enforcement agents or representatives. All non-law enforcement individuals or entities should contact local law enforcement officials in order for the latter to assess the viability of the situation and hence submit a formal request to GETTR.

  1. Information to Include in a Law Enforcement Request

Law enforcement requests shall include the following: (i) categories of data requested, (ii) date limitations to such request, (iii) relevant legal process which authorized the law enforcement to request and collect information, (iv) relevant details of the law enforcement agency or enforcement authority, including the agents or representatives’ contact information, (v) the username and other ancillary information of the account(s) under investigation, (vi) indication as to whether user notification is or is not permitted under such request, and (vii) any directives relating to data retention / preservation by GETTR in connection with the law enforcement request.

When submitting a request, law enforcement shall ensure that the: (i) information provided is accurate and completed to the best of their knowledge, and (ii) information being requested is germane under their investigation.

  1. GETTR User Notification

GETTR retains the right to notify its users of requests for information relating to their user account prior to any disclosures, unless such notification is prohibited by law enforcement or applicable law, would negatively interfere with an on-going investigation, and/or would put individuals at risk of physical imminent harm.

In some circumstances, GETTR may suspend, terminate, or limit the functionality of a user account, based on GETTR’s sole determination of the user’s compliance with GETTR’s policies, or otherwise in accordance with GETTR’s Terms of Use / Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. In the event that the requesting law enforcement official or agency believes that GETTR’s suspension, termination, or limitation of a user account’s functionality may compromise an investigation, such official or agency shall inform GETTR of this explicitly, in writing, in the same document(s) in which the law enforcement request is submitted to GETTR. In such instances, the requesting law enforcement agency or official shall, whenever practicable, provide to GETTR written instructions specifying the manner in which GETTR is to consult with such law enforcement agency or official regarding the potential suspension, termination, or limitation of functionality of a user account by GETTR.

  1. Preservation Requests

GETTR will honor preservation requests from law enforcement to preserve user data. GETTR must receive a formal preservation request with all the relevant information, including but not limited to, the information stipulated under Section 2 above. GETTR will preserve the requested information for a 120-day period. However, GETTR may honor any requests for preservation beyond 120 days when informed in writing that an extended preservation beyond 120 days is required by the pertinent law enforcement official or agency.

  1. GETTR Expert Testimony

GETTR is unable to provide expert testimony of the records produced under a valid law enforcement request. All records produced are deemed to be self-authenticated and do not require further testimony from the custodian of records for such request. If required, please attach a certification form to the law enforcement request submitted to us.

  1. Urgent Requests

GETTR will evaluate on a case-by-case basis all law enforcement requests that are identified by the requesting law enforcement official or agency as urgent or relating to an emergency. All urgent requests shall be submitted to GETTR from an official law enforcement email domain and must be made by a law enforcement official in accordance with Section 1 above. Once the urgent or emergency request is assessed, GETTR may provide user data necessary to prevent risk of death, imminent harm or serious injury to an individual.

  1. International Requests

GETTR’s policy is to provide user data in accordance with applicable law and our Terms of Use / Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. For international requests, GETTR may require law enforcement to obtain assistance under the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (“MLAT”) to compel any data or information under a pertinent request. All international requests shall be submitted electronically via email to and in accordance with these Guidelines.

  1. Cost Reimbursement

GETTR reserves the right to seek reimbursement for the cost associated with responding to law enforcement requests. However, GETTR may, at its sole discretion, elect not to seek reimbursement related to a request derived from matters pertaining to the safety of minors, terrorism, national security, and/or urgent or emergency requests.

Last updated: September 2022