How can I get a Verified Account? (Individuals)


How can I get a Verified account?

You can request to be GETTR Verified if you are: a GETTR user with an Individual account


User Types Who Can Be Verified:

  • a GETTR user requesting GETTR Verified status for your individual official GETTR account

Requirements For Verification:

  • GETTR User(s) (Individuals):
    • Provide the following information: Name; User ID; Email Address; Address; Headshot / Photo ID (it must be a picture of you).
    • You must have 2,000+ followers on GETTR

If you meet these minimum requirements, then you can apply for GETTR Verified status here.

How soon will my GETTR Verified application be reviewed?

We aim to process all applications within 7-10 days of receipt, and sooner if possible.