How do I delete a Post or undo a Repost?

To delete a Post: 

  1. Click “Profile” on GETTR Web or tap your profile picture on GETTR App to go to your Profile page and find your “Posts” tab 
  2. Find the post you want to delete
  3. Click/tap the “More” icon  ... located on the upper right corner of the post
  4. Select and click/tap “Delete”
  5. Click/tap the “Delete” button to confirm

Note: You can only delete your own posts.

To undo a Repost:

  1. Find the Repost you want to undo
  2. Click/tap the “Repost” button (the icon is in green on Web, and blue on App)
  3. Click/tap the “Undo Repost” button
  4. The color of the “Repost” button will change back to grey when you do this

Note: Reposts might still be seen on the Posts page after being undone, but it will disappear once the page is refreshed or you leave the page and come back.