Getting Started Guide

New to GETTR? Here’s how to get started with using GETTR!

Step 1: Set up your profile

Have you already signed up? Great! Now, set up your profile so that others can get to know you better.

To get started, add these to your profile:

  • A profile picture so that others know who you are
  • A short bio to describe yourself
  • If you want a better name to be displayed on your profile, change your display name (Remember that your username cannot be changed, but your display name can.)


Step 2: Follow people

Follow at least 10 people to get you started on seeing content in your Home timeline.

To search for people to follow, click the Search icon that is located in the bottom navigation bar if you’re using the app, or located in the Suggested for you or Popular user panel in your Home timeline on Web or APP respectively.

You can also follow specific people by entering their username or display name into the search bar.

Not sure what following someone does? Learn more from Following FAQs.


Step 3: Explore what’s trending

To know what’s currently being talked amongst users on GETTR, explore the Trending page in the Search screen if you’re using the app, or the GETTR News panel located on the right of your Home timeline if you’re using the web.

If you want to explore more content based on your hobbies or interests, type it in the search bar to see people, images, or videos based on what you search for.


Step 4: Like a post

While exploring posts made by other people, did you come across some that you really like? Tap the Like button to express your interest and support towards these people and their posts.


Step 5: Make your own post

Want to share your thoughts and ideas with other people here on GETTR? You can write your own post just like everyone else. You can write a message and include a picture, video, hashtag, or link and share it with others on GETTR. Learn more on how to post.


Step 6: Repost someone's post

Do you want to share a post while giving the original owner credit? Repost them! This is a great way to support other people’s posts by sharing it with your followers. Once you repost something, it will appear on your profile for your followers or people who visit your profile to see.

Learn more about Repost/Quote Post.