How do I mute/unmute an account?

What happens if you mute an account?

  • When you mute an account, you will no longer see posts from that user and you will not receive notifications about them. Their posts will be removed from your timeline without blocking or unfollowing them.
  • When you mute an account, they will not know that they’ve been muted and you can unmute them at any time.
  • Accounts that have been muted can still follow you and you can still follow muted accounts.

How do I mute an account?

  1. Locate the profile of the account you wish to mute or locate a post made by the account you wish to mute
  2. Tap or click the More icon Captura_de_pantalla_2021-08-01_a_las_7.27.28_p._m..png
  3. Tap or click Mute

How do I unmute an Account?

  1. Tap the Ic_settings_48px.svg.pngicon on the bottom navigation bar on the app and tap Settings, or go to Settings on the web
  2. Tap or click Privacy
  3. Tap or click Muted
  4. Locate the account you wish to unmute and select Unmute