How do I change my language preferences?

GETTR aims at providing a multilingual environment, and our team is actively working towards this goal. Currently, GETTR supports 20 different languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese(Brazil/Portugal), German, Hungarian, Korean, Hindi, Hausa, Chinese(Simplified/Traditional) and so on. 
How do I change language preferences?

Please take the following steps to change your display language:

App (iOS and Android):

  1. Tap the Ic_settings_48px.svg.png icon on the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Go to Languages. Then, choose your preferred language.
  4. Tap Save.


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Languages. Then, choose your preferred language.
  3. Click Change Language.

Note: This does not change the language of the post's content in your timeline. If someone is speaking a different language, you can translate their posts by clicking Translate post.