How do I post?

  • Type your GETTR message (up to 777 characters) into the compose box via the web, or click the post.png icon above the navigation bar via the app.
  • You can include up to 6 images (maximum file size 15MB), a GIF (maximum file size 5MB), a link, or a video (maximum file size 512 MB).
  • To upload a GIF, click gif.png to search and browse the GIF library. GIFs cannot be uploaded with other media files, you can only upload one GIF per post. The maximum file size for GIFs is 5 MB.
  • You can also upload photos, videos, or GIFs in a Reply or a Quote Post.
  • Tap or click the Post button to publish the post in your profile. This post will be visible to your followers and people who visit your profile.

Note: To save a draft of your GETTR post (only available on the app), click Cancel and click Save draft. This draft will appear the next time you want to make a new post.