Happy Hour Rewards

What is it?

With GETTRs "Happy Hour" rewards, users get boosted rewards during a certain time-frame.

How to access it?

Users can access the Rewards page from the menu, "GETTR rewards" or from their GETTR Wallet.
Please note, if a user is not verified or doesn't have a wallet, when reaching the page, they will be prompted to finish verification/wallet creation in order to participate in GETTR Rewards.

Requirements to participate in GETTR Rewards:

  1. Users account must be verified on GETTR
  2. Users account wallet must be activated on GETTR

How does it work?

  1. There are 12 Happy Hours a day, each lasts for 2 hours
  2. Happy Hours boost certain tasks, for example: if you Like a Post between 2 PM and 4 PM, you will get double rewards for it and so on.