Action based Rewards

What is it?

With GETTRs "action based" rewards program, users engagement within the platform such as: likes, comments, livestreams etc, will earn rewards as GETTR Points.

How to access it?

Users can access the Rewards page from the menu, "GETTR rewards" or from their GETTR Wallet.
Please note, if a user is not verified or doesn't have a wallet, when reaching the page, they will be prompted to finish verification/wallet creation in order to participate in GETTR Rewards.

Requirements to participate in GETTR Rewards:

  1. Users account must be verified on GETTR
  2. Users account wallet must be activated on GETTR

How does it work?

  1. Each action (likes, comments, livestreams, etc) is worth different amounts of GETTR Points
  2. Each action has a repeat cap, for example:
    1. Users can only earn rewards for 10 likes a day, 5 posts a day etc
  3. Each user has a daily cap, which is the amount of GETTR Points a user can earn each day

Reward Levels:

  1. Starting at Level 1 each user can level up all the way to Level 10 by earning GETTR Points
  2. Each level unlocks rewards boost, for example at level 2, your rewards are doubled, and so on.