Refer & Earn FAQ

What is GETTR Points Refer & Earn feature?

  • Our Rewards Program will offer users the ability to refer others users to GETTR which will earn Points for both parties.
  • Users will be able to share referral links with other people who are not part of the GETTR platform to join the platform and earn Points.

Who is eligible?

  • The Refer & Earn feature is available for all GETTR users except PEP (politically exposed person) users.

How do I access the Refer & Earn feature?

  • Refer & Earn button will be visible at the top right-hand corner of your GETTR account.


  1. The referred user should be a new GETTR user.
  2. The new GETTR user needs to activate their GETTR Points Wallet.

How does it work?

    1. Select and then share the "Refer & Earn" link with friends
      1. As the referrer you will be able to view your referee's status in your GETTR Wallet until completion.
    2. Once friends sign up for GETTR from your link, they will then need to enable their GETTR Wallet
    3. Both users will automatically receive Points after the referred user enables their GETTR Wallet.

How soon will Points be awarded?

  • Points are added to the users GETTR Wallet immediately after the referred user enables their Wallet