Lite Verification


Lite Verification Badge:

Screenshot 2023-08-09 at 6.42.16 PM.png


User Types Who Can Request Lite Verification:

  • GETTR User(s):
    • (A) an individual seeking GETTR Verified status for your individual GETTR account for personal, non-official use.


Please note this process includes referring people to GETTR to become verified.

  • User selects Lite Verification and submits Verification Form
    • Legal name
    • Email
    • Enter secondary social media profile link
    • Answer any (3) out of (5) mentioned details:
      1. Gender
      2. Education
      3. Hobbies
      4. Income level
      5. Occupation

We aim to process all applications within 7-10 days of receipt, or sooner if possible.

  • Once the details of the Lite Verification application are approved, then the user will need to share a referral link with (3) people.
  • One of the (3) referred people needs to complete Standard or Lite verification on GETTR.
  • Once any one of the (3) referred people is verified, then referrer will be become "Lite Verified".

Once a user is verified, the ‘Lite Verified’ icon will be displayed next to the user’s name.